Enrolment for 2019 entry


Enrolments for entry in 2019 are now being accepted.


An official Department of Education & Training (DET) enrolment zone applies for EHPS, which means that a place is available for students for whom EHPS is their neighbourhood school. A student's neighbourhood school is the government school that is closest in a straight line from the student's permanent residential address to the school. To determine your eligibility to enrol at EHPS, please contact our Office.

Information about enrolment is available on our website. If EHPS is not your neighbourhood school, enrolment is at the discretion of our Principal in accordance with our enrolment policy.


If Prep 2019 applications exceed the places available, those applicants who do not meet the criteria in our enrolment policy will be offered the opportunity to remain on a waitlist until the end of Term 3 (21st September 2018). EHPS will advise in writing at this time if a place can be offered; if not, then the application for Prep 2019 entry will be withdrawn.