Prep 2019: Transition Session 3

These sessions are an important opportunity to orientate the incoming Preps with our school, meet other children and our current Prep teachers.

The third transition session for the children will focus on literacy. Our first aid officer, Julie Zuk, will present a session to our parents on health and wellbeing.

An Information Evening for parents/guardians of children enrolled at EHPS for Prep 2019 will be held on Tuesday 13th November from 7pm to 8.30pm. This is an opportunity for the Prep team to inform you about start of the year procedures, a typical Prep day, and you, your child, and the school.

The School Transition Program concludes for the 2019 Preps with their Orientation Day on Tuesday 4th December from 9.15am to 1pm.

School Transition Program for 2019 Preps